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Running To The Sea by Klaufir Running To The Sea :iconklaufir:Klaufir 498 19
Tragedy of Existence
The world is but a play
Exercised by random
A dance of the untamed
Purposeless molecules
People being tossed about
In determined chaos
Perception deceived
By delusions of control
The biomechanical minds
Inventors of meaning
The abusers of time
Faith-indulgers born
Billions of egocentric
Isolated universes
Self-defined importance
Self-inflicted stupidity
We crawl like animals
With eyes full of dust
Everyone a falling star
In Tragedy of existence
:iconelendurwen:Elendurwen 25 53
Nothing seems real
In this sea of static
Horrors keep pounding on
My vacuum of expectation
Virtual impossibility
Signals of monstrosity
Untouched and undiscovered
My essence of impurity
I'll split my veins apart
To make myself feel anything
I'll shred the world to bits
In search for the unreal
Innocence and violence
Mix together boiling
Droplets of blood cry
In their silent resistance
Against darkness around
Against threats unseen
In this world of madness
And deadly inevitability
In this sterile reality
I float unaffected
I need pain to acknowledge
My elusive existence
:iconelendurwen:Elendurwen 40 19
If I found you, on your knees,
trying desperately to collect the shattered pieces of your heart-
I would kneel beside you and help you pick them up.
I would not cast a blind eye,
and pretend I had not seen you.
If I saw that your hands had been cut,
by the very shards of hope you were trying so hard to gather-
I would take your hands in mine, and hold them until the pain subsided.
Then I would kiss every wound- no matter how big or how small,
until I was sure you would be able to use your hands again.
If you were crying from the fear that you'd never be able to pick up everything,
I would hold you until your tears stopped, and I would comfort you with gentle words.
But I would not lie to you- I would never lie.
The heart is a frail thing- once shattered, it can never be fully repaired.
Parts will remain missing, and the mended hope will always bear cracks.
If we found that we'd gathered all that we were able,
and that there were a fine powder remaining of what we could not collect.
I w
:iconspringfallendeer:Springfallendeer 37 211
[Watch Dogs] Total control. by Esquitax [Watch Dogs] Total control. :iconesquitax:Esquitax 220 24 Watch_Dogs by LKiKAi Watch_Dogs :iconlkikai:LKiKAi 200 26 :Watch Dogs: Chibi Aiden Pearce by PrinceOfRedroses :Watch Dogs: Chibi Aiden Pearce :iconprinceofredroses:PrinceOfRedroses 413 22 Assassin's Creed III by Mibu-no-ookami Assassin's Creed III :iconmibu-no-ookami:Mibu-no-ookami 575 186 FARCRY3 by Mibu-no-ookami FARCRY3 :iconmibu-no-ookami:Mibu-no-ookami 189 87 Redoll for Penty by talsbee Redoll for Penty :icontalsbee:talsbee 386 41 Sphere Drop 2 by endprocess83 Sphere Drop 2 :iconendprocess83:endprocess83 1,166 51 Rocky Shores by c09567812 Rocky Shores :iconc09567812:c09567812 682 44 lines to cross. by incorrigiblechild lines to cross. :iconincorrigiblechild:incorrigiblechild 627 21 AC - Unhooded by starexorcist AC - Unhooded :iconstarexorcist:starexorcist 246 13 Assassin'sCreed Conner by LKiKAi Assassin'sCreed Conner :iconlkikai:LKiKAi 206 18 Watch Dogs by Mibu-no-ookami Watch Dogs :iconmibu-no-ookami:Mibu-no-ookami 315 71



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